TOP 3 RAMP UP CHALLENGE DECKS! | Beschleunigung Challenge | Clash Royale

Clash Royale Ramp Up Challenge
Meine besten 3 Ramp Up Challenge Decks/ Beschleunigung Challenge Decks.

Golem Deck:;28000009;26000039;26000050;26000057;26000048;27000001;26000009&id=80QGLCCU

Sparky Deck:;28000004;26000012;26000023;26000005;26000022;26000033;26000003&id=80QGLCCU

Pekka 3 Musk Deck:;28000009;26000030;26000005;26000050;26000036;26000004;26000028&id=80QGLCCU

King of Clash- Clash Royale


DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]

Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Force [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Spectre [NCS Release]

Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart [NCS Release]

Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]

Electro-Light – Symbolism [NCS Release]

Spektrem – Shine [NCS Release]

Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]

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