LOGBAIT GAMEPLAY – Playing logbait in 7x elixir challenge – Infinite elixir challenge with Logbait

LOGBAIT GAMEPLAY. Playing Logbait in 7x elixir challenge. Completing infinite elixir challenge with Logbait. LOGBAIT OP

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Hello viewers,
How are you guys? Hope everyone is doing great.
In today’s video we will be completing Infinite elixir challenge with Logbait.
It was quite challenging against some matchups but we managed to complete it.
In this video, I have uploaded the live gameplay of logbait in 7x elixir.

Do share your thoughts on the video and also share your progress in the challenge(7x elixir challenge) in the comment section.
Also share your thoughts on the new updates in the game.

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Thank you for watching the video and see you in the next video.

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