I WON $5000 with this Clash Royale Deck!

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I Won $5000 with this Clash Royale Deck! | SirTagCR – Clash Royale
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This clash royale three musketeers deck is the clash royale deck that I used to win $5000 when I was a clash royale pro player! And it just got better too; with the recent addition of golden knight, this clash royale 3 musketeers deck splits up your opponents’ attention for ample opportunities for a valuable golden knight dash! The 3 musketeers clash royale bait out your opponents’ fireball, poison and big spells so can you successfully sim city with your elixir collectors & achieve an unreal advantage, or your miner minion horde can obliterate counterless opponents immediately. This three musketeers deck clash royale will show you how to play 3 musketeers in clash royale with the highest degree of success in the new clash royale meta! This best clash royale deck 2023 is played by the best players in the world & it’s a good deck to upgrade if you enjoy clash royale 3 musketeers!

Check out the RoyaleAPI deck stats here: https://royaleapi.com/decks/stats/elixir-collector,golden-knight,guards,ice-golem,miner,minion-horde,three-musketeers,zap

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