FLAWLESS 12 Win Grand Challenge with ICEBOW! — Clash Royale

In this video, I completed a 12 Win Grand Challenge in Clash Royale, using the Icebow deck. This is the 3.6 version with the Valkyrie, Ice Wizard, Tornado and Rocket. I was able to complete the Challenge flawlessly, with an undefeated score of 12 wins and 0 losses! The video features live gameplay along with voice commentary, which aims to describe my decision making & thought process behind different plays. Specific timestamps for this video have been included too, as always.

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In this clash royale video I played and won a clash royale grand challenge using the clash royale Icebow deck. This deck has the clash royale Xbow win condition and Tesla building, as well as the clash royale Knight/Valkyrie, Ice Wizard and Tornado for efficient defense. It also features the clash royale rocket as a secondary win condition, against more difficult matchups (typically where the Xbow can’t break through with a lock). It has a different playstyle to 3.0 Xbow, including decision making and card cycling. This deck is also known as the clash royale 3.5 Xbow deck (3.6 with the Valkyrie), and it is a siege deck. Icebow is currently a very strong but high skill-cap clash royale deck. It is a very strong deck for clash royale ladder pushing and clash royale grand challenges, but only in the right hands, as the deck can be quite difficult to play.

Video Timestamps
[0:00] Intro
[0:24] Royal Hogs Earthquake Cycle w/ Archer Queen
[5:10] Giant Skeleton Royal Hogs w/ Mirror, Mother Witch, Fisherman
[10:29] Goblin Drill Wallbreakers w/ Mighty Miner, Bomb Tower, Fireball
[14:40] Mighty Miner Logbait w/ Dart Goblin, Rocket
[18:33] 12 Wins!!!
[18:50] 12 Win Grand Challenge Chest Opening
[19:04] Closing Thoughts + Outro

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