Sudden Death Challenge is the FASTEST in HISTORY!
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In this Clash Royale Video, Logan and I are facing off in the FASTEST challenge in Sudden Death history, and maybe all of Clash Royale history. This challenge is just fun, plus you get a Legendary at the end, so it is a win win.
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I usually stream 3 times a week and am currently over on D-live

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I love Clash Royale and anything related to Clash Royale, This game has literally taken over my life and is one of the funnest mobile strategy games in the world right now. Balloon is probably my Favorite card, but that can change daily between Miner, Hog Rider, or Log ( only cuz building the log was one of my favorite build videos) Don’t be scared to ask me any questions in the comments or let me konw what you think about the video. I am trying to max all my Legendaries right now and I am so close to maxing my entire clash royale account on my Main account.
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