Clash Royale War 2 ft. Buzz Royale

Supercell has launched its new war 2.0 update and the world is up in arms over it. might as well have named the update war 20.20 lol.

Clashers all over the world are vocalizing their dislike of war 2.0 update info. Thhis video will cover the update with you. And I give you my thoughts at the very end.

In the new claah Royale update, supercell has removed the war island which the first world war took place on. Clash royale war 2 however is different.

Now there is a river race between cpash royale clans that spans over 5 weeks. there are chests and gold rewards along the way. most ppl say this update was weak because it removes a lot of fun game modes and adding boat battles which dont feel very rewarding.

This cr war 2 update was set as a major update and had much of the community anticipation. Users now are let down. Many leaving their clans to protest. This has become the single most hated update, beating the “month of the rainbow prince” update.

“This is too similar to clash of clans now. ”

“Im a gaming programmer and i could have programmed this in 1 month ”

Now fans are left wondering whats next?

lol the mistakes in this replay are hilarious but I DONT CAAARRE.