3.0 Xbow 12 Win Grand Challenge Live Gameplay [with Tips] – Clash Royale

In this video, I completed a 12 Win Grand Challenge in Clash Royale, using 3.0 Xbow cycle. This video features text tips and analysis alongside live matches, which aims to describe my decision making & thought process behind different plays. I will include specific timestamps for this video in the comments below.

Here’s my next video with the new vertical tips format I’m trying out, which is optimized for watching on mobile. I’ve been winning a lot of Grand Challenges with 3.0 Xbow recently (1 per day for the last week), so I wanted to record and share a bunch of my gameplay. I have a lot of fun playing Xbow. A lot of people request for live gameplay over replays, so that’s what I’m doing. I have tried to make the tips and analysis quite deep and comprehensive, and they’ve taken a lot of effort to edit. 3.0 is quite nice to use, since the Knight’s trait of being able to attack makes him a lot better than the Ice Golem in certain situations. Overall, 3.0 Xbow is better-suited to the current meta than 2.9 Xbow, though people are having success with both of the decks. I would say 3.0 Xbow is a great deck for winning Clash Royale Grand Challenges right now. I hope you enjoy the video, and find it helpful.

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In this clash royale video I played a clash royale global tournament using the 3.0 Xbow cycle deck. This deck has the clash royale xbow and tesla siege defense as well as the clash royale cycle cards for quick defense and mechanical gameplay. This is currently a very strong but high skill-cap clash royale deck. It is extremely similar to the clash royale 2.9 Xbow cycle deck, but has the clash royale Knight in place of the clash royale Ice Golem, which changes some interactions with different decks. The Knight’s trait of being able to attack makes him favorable against several matchups, as compared to the passive Ice Golem.

This variation of the Xbow cycle deck is particularly great in the current meta, since it’s riddled with clash royale Royal Giant cycle decks. The Knight in the deck flips the Royal Giant cycle matchup, allowing Xbow cycle to have a greater advantage. This deck also does very well against the clash royale Barbarian Hut Graveyard deck, which has been infamous ever since the NoTilt 20 Win Challenge. Other matchups I showcased in this video include clash royale Balloon Cycle with the clash royale Giant Skeleton, another variant of the deck with clash royale ‘splash’ synergy (the clash royale Baby Dragon, the clash royale Ice Wizard & the clash royale Tornado), and clash royale P.E.K.K.A Ram Rider with 3 spells (with the clash royale Lightning as the big spell). I hope this video can prove helpful for strategies for playing against different matchups popular in the current metagame with this deck. I also hope this clash royale matchup guide will help supplement a better understanding for your 3.0 Xbow fundamentals. Thank you for watching!

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