20 Wins with Off-Meta Xbow [No Tilt 20-Win Challenge] – Clash Royale

In this video, my friend Chihiro achieved 20 Wins in the No Tilt 20-Win Challenge. This video will showcase text tips & analysis alongside the matches from his 20 Win run. I will include specific timestamps for this video in the comments below.

This video features a special guest, Chihiro! He has created his own Off-Meta Xbow deck, named ‘Chihiro Cross’. It is inspired by the ‘Beniten Cross’ deck. He attained 20 wins in the No Tilt 20-Win Challenge, as part of the No Tilt World Championship. I wanted to share the replays part of this great 20 Win run. I have featured my tips & analysis in the overlay, and have also included Chihiro’s matchup-specific tips at the end of each replay. While it is unfortunate that the Season 14 Balance Changes (https://clashroyale.com/blog/release-notes/season-14-balance-changes.html) have affected this deck a lot, I still think Chihiro’s achievement deserves to be appreciated. He also finished #861 on ladder last season (Season 13), using this same deck. I hope you enjoy this video.

► Chihiro’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chihiro_CR
► My Twitter: https://twitter.com/sk__555
► Chihiro’s RoyaleAPI Profile: https://royaleapi.com/player/RUY0JY9U
► LegendaryPop RoyaleAPI Profile: https://royaleapi.com/player/P2CR80Y2P/
► sk_555 RoyaleAPI Profile: https://royaleapi.com/player/Y0Y8YJVV
► Discord: sk_555#5555

In this clash royale video, I showcase my friend Chihiro achieving 20 Wins in the No Tilt 20-Win Challenge, using his own clash royale Off-Meta Xbow deck. ‘Chihiro Cross’ has the clash royale Xbow win condition, and it doesn’t run the standard Tesla building for support. It features the clash royale Valkyrie and the clash royale Musketeer for defensive support. It has triple spells, with the clash royale Log, the clash royale Royal Delivery as small spells. Royal Delivery is amazing on defense, and plays a major role in this deck’s defensive maneuvers. The big spell featured is the clash royale Rocket as a secondary win condition, against more difficult matchups (typically where the Xbow can’t break through with a lock). Lastly, this deck is rounded off with cycle cards – the clash royale Ice Spirit & the clash royale Skeletons – to facilitate a quick cycle, and provide great defensive value for a cheap cost. Chihiro Cross has a different playstyle to the other meta Xbow decks, such as 2.9 Xbow and Icebow. These differences include decision making, macro strategies and card cycling. This is a fun, enjoyable and unique clash royale deck. This deck has a lot of defensive capability. A lot of matchups revolve around protecting your Musketeers, using the Royal Delivery for insane defensive value, and counterpushing when you have an advantage.

I’ve worked really hard on this video. I hope that this 20 win run is enjoyable to watch, and that the tips and analysis provided will help supplement a better understanding for your Xbow fundamentals. Thank you for watching, and have a great day. 🙂

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