x10 12 Win Classic Challenges in Clash Royale! Road to 100 12 Win Classic Challenges with Xbow: #3

Today I played and completed the tenth Classic Challenge on my new account. I did receive the x10 12 Win Classic Challenge Badge as a result! Here are the live matches that got me there, along with commentary (as it has been highly requested)! Note: this was recorded against the pre-nerf Goblin Drill. Since this recording, it has received an emergency nerf (https://twitter.com/ClashRoyale/status/1405416425121095682)!

I am continuing my Road to 100 12 Win Classic Challenges with Xbow series, where I will aim to get the x100 Classic Challenge badge on notCla_555❤. A lot of people ask for Classic Challenge gameplay, and it is something I can do quite easily without stress. Classic Challenges were also how I improved with Xbow when I was first learning the deck. Therefore, I hope that the new series will be helpful for and well-received by you all!

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In this clash royale video I played a clash royale classic challenge using the 3.0 Xbow cycle deck. This deck has the clash royale xbow and tesla siege defense as well as the clash royale cycle cards for quick defense and mechanical gameplay. This is currently a very strong but high skill-cap clash royale deck. It is extremely similar to the clash royale 2.9 Xbow cycle deck, but has the clash royale Knight in place of the clash royale Ice Golem, which changes some interactions with different decks. The Knight’s trait of being able to attack makes him favorable against several matchups, as compared to the passive Ice Golem.

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Video Timestamps
[0:00] Intro
[2:00] P.E.K.K.A Goblin Drill Bridgespam
[5:47] 11 Wins
[6:06] Golem Night Witch (Arrows, Zap, Bomber)
[9:13] 12 Wins!
[10:01] Goblin Drill Cycle (Replay Analysis)
[13:09] Finishing Up

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