What is Clash Royale?

An Introduction to Clash Royale

As far as mobile gaming companies go, mobile gaming powerhouse, Supercell has so far proven to be in their class of their own. Throughout the years, they have constantly proven to be one of the most profitable publishers, and in the year 2015, Supercell were reportedly making approximately 5 million dollars each day, through the game Clash of Clans. However, unlike most companies within a similar position, they have not tried to take advantage of their success by releasing a countless number of games in different genres, hoping that one of the game will prove to be a success story. With the exceptions of a few soft releases, Supercell have never really emerged from the shadows, since the studio has only so far released three games; Hayday, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

The first spin-off to the Clash of Clans game series, Clash Royale, not only retains the spirits of its predecessor but it also abandons its gameplay.

Clash Royale Game Videos
Clash Royale is a spin off from Clash of Clans

Despite the fact that the players are going to square off with one another, this time around there is no wait timers and base building. Instead, in this game, the players go against each other in several live multiplayer battles, which takes place on the screen maps. There are several Clash videos and other relevant videos, which can give you a breakdown of what the game is really about, and how to be successful in the battles.