Time For The Rage Global Tournament! 😳 | Clash Royale

Time For The Rage Global Tournament! 😳 | Clash Royale

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I’m probably not going to use your deck, so don’t ask
Don’t ask if I will play with you, asking lowers your chances
No, I will not join your clan. I love the clan that I’m in
Don’t say anything derogatory (racism, bullying, etc.)
Suggesting video ideas is cool, but don’t repeatedly ask me to make a video
No self promotion, this is my biggest pet peave
Don’t spam the chat, it ruins the experience for everyone else
Always be sure to have fun 🙂
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Hi, welcome to my channel: SolarFury! On this channel, you will find all things clash royale! Literally, anything related to clash royale, you will find on this channel. I do deck showcases, tier lists, rankings, news videos, discussion videos, and more! If you enjoy clash royale, then this is the place for you!!!

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