The BEST DECK in Clash Royale 🐷

In this video, I play and complete a Clash Royale Grand Challenge using what’s widely regarded to be the best deck in the entire game! It’s the Royal Hogs Earthquake cycle deck with the Archer Queen, and it has been dominating the meta for over 3 months straight. In spite of the nerfs received by the Royal Hogs and Archer Queen, the deck maintains its strength and continues to prove just how strong the Archer Queen and the 3 card cycle really are. I give a complete deck breakdown and play some live matches!

I play with the Guards variant, though Skeletons is the more common choice. My friend, Qwerty, finished very high with this variant, and I personally like the benefits provided by the Guards — stronger ground defense & utility, better answers to the Graveyard, and finally their ridiculous damage output and potential offensive pressure. You can play the deck with either version based on your personal preference!

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In this clash royale video I played and completed a clash royale Grand Challenge using a clash royale Royal Hogs deck. This deck has the clash royale royal hogs with the clash royale earthquake for very strong offensive pressure. This deck doesn’t fall short in terms of defense at all: it runs the clash royale Archer Queen (which is debatably the best card in all of clash royale right now), the clash royale Cannon, which is one of the most underrated buildings at the moment, the clash royale Royal Delivery, which can be used to defend against almost any push and accompanies Earthquake very well by providing another layer of air support, and the clash royale Guards, which supply another ground tank and a great response to the clash royale Graveyard. The deck also has the clash royale Fire Spirit for a faster cycle and further ridiculous offensive pressure, since it deals more damage than a Fireball when it connects to the tower. This is currently a very strong but high skill-cap clash royale deck.

This is currently one of if not the best clash royale decks for the current metagame, being played consistently at clash royale top ladder by some of the best players (Mugi, Ian77, LucasXGamer, and many more). If played right, this is the perfect deck for top ladder pushing and grand challenge 12 wins!

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Video Timestamps
[0:00] Introduction
[0:50] Deck Breakdown
[6:18] Skeleton King Graveyard Freeze w/ Valkyrie
[10:59] Mega Knight Hog Rider w/ Bats, Bandit, Lightning
[15:46] Bridgespam w/ Elite Barbarians, Archer Queen [Loss]
[18:56] Mortar Miner Bait w/ Cannon Cart, Minion Horde
[23:48] Three Musketeers Elixir Collector w/ Miner, Cannon Cart, Minion Horde
[20:07] 12 Wins!!!
[27:05] 12 Win Chest Opening
[28:18] Thanks For Watching! 🙂

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