GOING FOR 12 WINS in Clash Royale! – LIVE Gameplay with Log Bait and Royal Hogs

Welcome to the best Clash Royale live stream that’s live right now! In today’s Clash Royale live stream I’m going for 12 wins in two classic challenges. In the first classic challenge I’ll be using classic log bait. I enjoy giving log bait tips and tricks as I play and going for as many wins as possible! In the second classic challenge I’ll be using my favorite deck in Clash Royale which is royal hogs royal recruits zappies. This deck is so strong in the meta and I can’t wait to try to get 12 wins with it. I hope you all enjoy today’s live battles in Clash Royale.
If you’re a fan of Clash Royale and seeing live Clash Royale battles then I know you’ll enjoy my live stream!
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