Best Deck for SUDDEN DEATH Tournament in Clash Royale 🏆

Win everytime using this Clash Royale Best Lavaloon deck – CarlTheLegend

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In this Clash Royale video, I play some matches using the Clash Royale best lava hound deck 2022. This Lava hound deck clash Royale is the best lava deck in clash royale for trophy pushing on top ladder, grand challenge and classic challenge. This best clash Royale deck 2022 has the lava hound as its main tank and combined with the offensive pressure from the balloon, it creates an unstoppable combo. It’s one of the best deck in clash royale 2022 to win easily. Lava hound balloon deck has always been viable in the meta, making it a must to upgrade in Clash Royale. Make sure to try this clash Royale lava hound balloon deck on ladder if you want to push trophies fast in Clash Royale. Clash Royale Lavaloon deck are always good and fun to play with. Good luck in the Clash Royale arena


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