Clash Royale Season 3 Overview | Balance Changes | New Emote 👓 | New Skin 🏰 | Really close game!

Hey Clashers! Season 3 of Clash Royale is HERE! and the theme is BE LEGENDARY! You can get an exclusive fortress tower skin with floating rocks and a waterfall (which is by far the coolest skin they’ve done!) & a princess emote which is both cute and cool. The troops have found their way back to the legendary arena, the flood is over 🙂 The legendary arena is back on community demand.

Season 3 Special Challenges will have Legendary cards, Legendary chests or Legendary Trade Tokens up for grabs! Themed challenges such as legendary party, Miner draft, Night Witch draft, Bandit Dash and later this month Lumberjack Rage challenge! I’m a fan of themed challenges as they keep the game fresh and fun. Also been loving the themed challenges so far! How about you? Got any ideas for newer challenges? Got feedback to improvise on my video? Leave em in the comments box!

This balance change the Executioner got a HUGE rework! It’s quite the hot topic of discussion.

Seth’s post on why they didn’t go for the bigger buff:
Clash With Ash’s thoughts on the emergency balance:
Royale API’s updated blog post covering all the changes:
Clash Royale’s Season 3 Reveal:

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